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AmericanKabuki – NSA Wire Taps And Telcom’s Profit From It – 12 July 2012

https://lucas2012infos.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/c8768-nsa-eagle.pngBy American Kabuki

I saw this on the Wealth Channel on my cable TV today.  Wealth TV is a channel for the ultra-rich, it showcases homes and vacations most of us could never dream of having.  The TV network is based here in San Diego, and its news shows, with feeds from Reuters and AP are really pretty good by current American news standards.

The news segment says the average wiretap (which often run months or years in duration) is $50,000. Verizon receives 250,000 wire tap orders a year from the government, at an average of cost to the government of $50,000 per wire tap that comes out to $12,500,000,000 ($12.5 Billion) in wiretap income for Verizon alone…. Continue reading