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CommonDreams – Idle No More Global Day Of Action, #Oct7Proclaim 55 Actions In Canada, United States, United Kingdom, And Across The Planet – 8 October 2013

October 7, 2013
4:48 PM

CONTACT: Idle No More

Clayton Thomas-Muller
Idle No More National Campaigner
cell: 613 297 7515
email: creeclayton77@gmail.com

Idle No More Global Day of Action, #Oct7Proclaim 55 Actions in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and across the Planet

Ottawa, Canada – October 7 – Today marks the global day of action of Idle No More, the Indigenous Peoples social movement. On October 7, 1763, King George III of England signed the British Royal Proclamation, an historic document that legally mandated Canada to recognize Indigenous land rights.

Today, two hundred and fifty years later, at over 55 actions and events taking place across Canada, the United States, and in countries across the planet, thousands of Indigenous Peoples and our supporters are taking direct action to assert sovereignty and self-determination over Our Land — Our Water — Our Bodies — Our Stories — Our Future — and to proclaim our Indigenous Sovereignty! Continue reading