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An Urgent Message To Our Military, Police, Officials, Oathkeepers – 24 June 2012

Lucas : This is me addressing the Oathkeepers:

For those who forgot their oaths and forgot what the constitution of the USA stands for this is your reminder.  Act now accordingly to your oath and help to instate the constitution again and do not act upon calls for, requests and orders that go against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the unalienable rights mankind has been given from God. Your actions have been ruled by an entity called corporate USA acting as government and ruler, bankers, institutions (national and international) that are not called for or voted for by We The People and are unconstitutional.  People that influence by money and power or have solemn power over Governments and their agencies or officials, Congress and their representatives, justice and the judges and prosecutors and officials, military, law enforcement, food, utilities, are not acting upon or honouring the constitution and  the freedom and unalienable rights of the Sovereign People.  Makers of rules against We The People in their deliberate ignoring and abolishing the constitutional and unalienable rights have no right to be and have to be abdicated, recalled, removed and punished for their crimes.

You have to stand for and uphold your Oaths now and be the freedom fighters of We The People and restore that what has been unconstitutional and against the unalienable rights of the Sovereign People as it is your duty.  No entity, corporation or man can take these rights away from We The People ever.

Act now and keep your Oaths. The Time is now!!!





Natomas school officials go door to door to find unvaccinated students

Natomas school officials go door to door to find unvaccinated students.via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com

NATOMAS, CA – Natomas school officials are going door to door with a traveling nurse to give whooping cough shots to unvaccinated students.

A new state law requires students entering seventh through 12th grades to get vaccinated against the disease by the start of the 2011-12 school year.

The legislature gave districts 30 days beyond the start of the school year to make sure all students were vaccinated or had a formal exemption filed by their parents or guardians.

As the deadline passes, thousands of students remain unvaccinated. Many school districts have been defying state law and allowing them on campus.

But not anymore in Natomas.

District Student Services Director Heyman Matlock has been driving door to door to find unvaccinated students. Despite warnings and several free clinics, dozens of students haven’t been inoculated.

“There could be some family dynamics where they’re having hardships in the house and this isn’t a top priority in them making it day to day,” Matlock said.

District superintendent Walt Hanline, who made the decision to allow unvaccinated students on campus, said the law forced school officials to make a difficult choice.

“The state law said I couldn’t have these children on campus, but the state law also said I have to educate children,” Hanline said.

By 4 p.m. Friday, officials had visited a dozen homes and vaccinated six students, whose parents were home to give permission.

The group will continue to go door to door until they can reach all the students.

Beginning Monday, students who haven’t been vaccinated will not be allowed on campus.

District officials said they’ll continue making home visits until every child is accounted for and able to go back in the classroom.

By Natalie Sentz, nsentz@news10.net

Abuse Victims Seek Crimes Against Humanity Charges Against Pope and Vatican Officials

Abuse Victims Seek Crimes Against Humanity Charges Against Pope and Vatican Officials


via  news.blogs.cnn.com