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Lisa Gawlas – Old Earth vs New Earth. What’s The Difference?? – 9 December 2014

lisagawlas2I wasn’t going to put out a sharing today simply because I have nothing new to share, other than to say, if your vibration goes any higher, your gonna blow me to bits!! lol  So I was preparing to reply to days worth of emails when my team put the difference between what I call the old earth and the new earth in my face.  This is what they want to talk about today and now that I see it the way that I do, it is an important thing to make very clear.

If we can look at the earth we all incarnated upon as a massive series of schools, kindergarten thru graduate school, but equally, each phase of our learning like a biology class… hands on.  We entered the realm of duality to understand ourselves, to experience ourselves in all phases including, if not especially what many would call the dark times. Continue reading