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Visionkeeper – On The Threshold – 3 April 2013

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Everywhere we go these days, people are talking about feeling that something is about to happen, they can feel the energy of change coming onto the planet.We are definitely on the threshold of our dream. So many changes are occurring in small ways all around us, but if we are not paying attention they will not be noticed. That is the thing about these present times, they are asking us to be present, to take careful notice of everything in our lives, to switch off our autopilot and become active in our own lives. It is time for us all to live a mindful life and be responsible for that mindful life. We have always heard how we all have choices, but the times we are in now are accentuating this fact even more. The days of living our lives as victims must end, we have no excuses anymore, for living in the new world is to accept the fact that we all have choices to be the best that we can be in a life that supports that realization. Continue reading