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Bank Revolt Underway: Focused on 5th November 2011

Bank Revolt Underway: Focused on Nov. 5, 2011 => original publised  by Steve Beckow 19 October 2011.

A bank revolt appears to be underway, people withdrawing money from big banks and, in some cases, getting arrested. Here are several videos on the movement. It’s interesting that, if you try to view these videos or any others on the same topic from Youtube, most of them will not play due to “invalid parameters.” There are too many for which this happens to think it could be an accident. Thanks to Bracha. Continue reading


Letter on planning from Prince Charles’s office being kept secret

Letter on planning from Prince Charles\’s office being kept secret via Guardian.co.uk by Robert Booth

Admission the GLA is withholding correspondence comes after it emerged several of his charities had been lobbying ministers

Are ETs Making Editorial Comments on the Content of an Interview on the Local News

Are ET’s Making Editorial Comments on the Content of an Interview on the Local News.


Via SteveBeckow.com

Ashtar: Keep your Eyes on the Skies and join Hearts with the Children

Ashtar Keep your Eyes on the Skies and join Hearts with the Children

By FatherMotherGod via The Galactic Free Press.

And the show goes on! Changes have to take place. Do the right thing.

In reading the latest news of the day of 18th august 2011 I see a lot that is making my warning bells tick. Cameron shouting for harder sentencing by the courts in the riot cases.  Also the misconduct case of the MET Police in the case of the News of the World scandal ends with clearing all officers in the case.

The real message of this all is what is behind all this news. It’s a show that has been going on.UKs hope for doing the right thing is gone. I do not see a new policy in the making and debate opened about the reasons behind the riots, nor is there any real urge to make the Murdoch scandal a clean up of more things that are wrong and people have to put up with.

No, only control issues are addressed. Keeping the people in check is the only thing happening.  The hidden agendas of the few in power still are merely shown. A debt crisis that can’t  be solved with any measures is not enough for a new way of thinking.

Changes need to be made in favour of freedom. No more controlling people. Prosperity for all and not the few is needed. A redistribution of all. A new money system without al the speculation and making money on lending and other services is needed.

We have to see that there is enough for everybody on this planet. Food, (Natural) Medicine, Water, Shelter, Clothing, Free-Energy, etc. We have to stop making money and monopolise everything. Sharing will be the new key to unlock. No more Egotistical  thinking of making profit on profit and enrichment over the death bodies of others. Profit does not equal Prosperity for all in this World. No more patenting and octroi in place. Knowledge and developments need to be open source, shared and freely available for all.

But I will stop here in mentioning  a long list of things we can change to make the world really a better World and Earth for all and keeping a balance that our Earth can sustain. Let us see if that what is wrong can’t  be ment.  If it can’t be ment its broke and you have to make new things. That is also true for great philosophers and ideas as we evolve  you need to change thinking. The facts and developments show it. I just say to the people in power of this World: “Do the right thing, NOW!

Love and Light,


Some thoughts on Purpose – by Rick Windsor 14 August 2011

(One of my group members wrote this beautiful peace about purpose in life, so I asked him to publish it. His name is Rick Windsor and he just wants us to let our spirit guide us each moment, thanks Rick, love and light from Lucas.)

The following was written in response to me from a sweet  one asking how they could find their Purpose in Life. The words that follow come through me in response to the same question to my Higher Self. I share them with the knowledge that they are still only coming through me and may be helpful to others or not.


Thank you for your sweet thoughts. They mean much to me. What I will tell you will seem very simplistic and perhaps not as mysterious as others would have you believe but it is what I have learned after many years this life and many other lives as a seeker.

First a few beliefs:

God, Source, the Creator, Whatever you call the Intelligence that has created Everything is Pure Unconditional Love. That Love is what we are created from and we are a Part of IT’s Essence.  IT’s desire for us is to experience everything we wish for and  that expands Creation. IT wishes only Joy for Us but delights in all our creations.

In the dimension we are now, Duality, we feel separated from Source even though we aren’t because we have lost our memory temporarily. We chose to come into this dimension to help to heal mankind and the Earth and all her creatures.

In Duality there are two energies basically present, LOVE and fear. Fear is merely the non recognition that Love is All That Is. From Love everything is created.

You (Everyone) are surrounded by Guides, Angels, Higher Beings who are ready to help you always. But you need to call a upon them in your heart for them them help. No special prayers or rituals are necessary merely the desire in your Heart.

There is an Essence of You that exists in the Higher Dimensions, I will call your Higher Self. It is ready to Guide you through Everything.

The beings here from other worlds are here also to help. There are some Energies which are not helpful but asking your Higher Self to surround you in Love, Light and Protection will keep you safe from any negative energies.

OK, now about Purpose.

In Essence our only real Purpose is to return to a State of Love. Our True State. The kind of Unconditional Love that God/Source has for us. This returns us to Oneness with All that Is which lifts us back into the Higher Dimensions, where pain and suffering no longer exist.

This is the Purpose right now for all of us. It is really that simple. So the very first thing is to love ourselves completely the way a mother loves a small child. To Love all our ups and downs, our bodies, our thoughts, our sadness and our joys. To love our shame and guilt, our mistakes and our greatness. In each moment to return to Love. The most wondrous thing we can do for All is Love ourselves so completely that It flows off of us to All. To see all other Beings as having been created by the same Source as us and ultimately wanting the same thing, Love.

While this seems simple and easy and it is. We need to get past the thoughts and feelings we have been raised with and that surround us in others which are filled with fear. So you can see that just Shining that Love even silently would be the greatest thing you could do for yourself and others. Little things, a smile, a word of encouragement, a loving perspective and thought have enormous Power in the World. You know this when you see it in others.

To connect with your Higher Self is very easy. It is merely to Ask. For many years I have taken a little time each day to be still, often writing a journal which I frankly seldom ever re-read. But to write questions, thoughts to my Guides  and Higher Self and then listen and write whatever seems to come that makes me feel better, or really good. I no longer write about how I have acted stupidly but more how I could be more Loving to All. My wife does this with her thoughts and feelings but doesn’t write them. How you do this not important but just having a little time to yourself each day to reconnect to the Love that has Created you is important.

To do these simple things is what creates Joy and Peace in the world. Knowing that everyone will find this inside themselves at the Right moment takes away the need we feel to change everybody else. That feeling most often results from not feeling Love for ourselves. “If we fix them, we will be OK.” And all we need do is come back to Love in each moment and it will help All.

I hope this helps. It comes from my Heart to Yours.

Rick Windsor

Is NESARA advancing on the horizon?

When I heard the news today and read between the lines when China criticised the USA on their downgrading triple A status and their troubles getting the debt in control as well as the US dollar stable.

In the following quotes you can see the call for one stable global currency (courtesy of uk.reuters.com) :

China roundly condemned the United States for its “debt addiction” and “short sighted” political wrangling and said the world needed a new stable global reserve currency.

“China, the largest creditor of the world’s sole superpower, has every right now to demand the United States address its structural debt problems and ensure the safety of China’s dollar assets,” the Xinhua commentary said.

It urged the United States to cut military and social welfare expenditure. It also said further credit downgrades would very likely undermine the world economic recovery and trigger new rounds of financial turmoil.

“International supervision over the issue of U.S. dollars should be introduced and a new, stable and secured global reserve currency may also be an option to avert a catastrophe caused by any single country,” Xinhua said.

British business minister Vince Cable backed China’s call for a new stable global reserve currency but said that for the moment the U.S. dollar remained key.

The whole article is found here: link Reuters article sat. 6 August 2011

When I read the above I had to think that there is a call for an urgent stable and secured global reserve currency, It is not so much this but the cry for a stable and global currency that is the first step towards what is coming.  A new financial system now the world (former) leading economies and currencies are failing.

I  see NESARA advancing on the horizon, do you see it also.

Love and Light,