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US Leaders Reject Democracy, Once Again – 26 March 2014

RT logoAuthor : Caleb Maupin is a political analyst who lives in New York City, and is an activist with the International Action Center and Workers World Party. He was part of the Occupy Wall Street movement

In Crimea, some may be surprised by the US’s blatant rejection of a clear democratic mandate for independence, as leaders in Washington constantly boast of being “defenders of democracy.”

Back in 2003, George W. Bush justified his invasion of Iraq by saying he was “bringing freedom” to Iraq and “removing a dictator.” In 2011, Barack Obama justified sending cruise missiles to Libya by calling Gaddafi a “tyrant.” The US currently gives material support to insurgent groups in Syria, allegedly because Assad is a “dictator.”

Children in the United States, from a very young age, are indoctrinated to believe that the US fights for “freedom” around the world, and enemies of the US are simply those who reject it. The nauseating rhetoric of the US being “the greatest country in the world” is accompanied by a historical mythology that in each military conflict, from the conquest of the Philippines in 1899 to the Cold War, the US government was motivated merely by a desire to “defend” and “spread freedom” and to fight against “dictators” and “oppressors.”

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Hang Massive – Once Again – 6 June 2013

Uploaded on 29 December 2011 by HangMassive (Lucas : One of my favorite music instruments)

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A short hang drum duo video filmed on an autumnal morning in the beautiful town of Bath Spa. Hang music by Danny Cudd ( hang playing hedge monkeys ). Played by Danny Cudd and Markus Johansson. Hang is a beautiful instrument handmade in Switzerland.