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OPPT-In – Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf Responds To Italian Accusations On Lack Of Validity Of UCC Filings – 2 May 2013

heather-small-square-photoThis is an excerpt from a Skype room conversation this morning May 2, 2013

[8:05:26 AM] Heather: In response to Francesca’s message (or whomever was making the legal/lawful/commercial opinion) that the OPPT filings are/were inapplicable to the Italy Corp (Berlusconi has had a very hard time of it :*)…. the opinion stated below is opinion and it is INCORRECT (if you read all the filings from 2000043135 and all amendments thereunder you do know)…as we have always stated, any one could do a duly verified declaration of rebuttal to the DECLARATION OF FACTS, to each point, point by point, with specificity and particularity….which no one to this day has done…. ;) (heart) Continue reading

Matrix – OPPT-IN – 16 February 2013


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