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angellucciunSTOPpable Family – By Rhonda Swan And Brian Swan, Bend, OR

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Are We or the Galactics Our “Savior”? – The 2012 Scenario

Are We or the Galactics Our “Savior”?.  by Steve Beckow via SteveBeckow.com


We seem to have a disagreement in light circles from time to time between people who are said to think of the galactics as our “saviors” and those who say that we are our “saviors.”

I personally don’t think the matter can be satisfactorily addressed until we make a finer distinction about what area of life we’re referring to.

If the point is that we are the ones who will ensure that we ascend, then, yes, we are our saviors. We are responsible for our personal growth and development and that will never be otherwise.

But if the point is that we are the ones who could have saved or did save this planet from almost certain destruction, I would say, no, we are not the ones who did save it or could have saved it.

From almost any vantage point we look, this second matter can be seen, can it not? Look at how few people in American society see that 9/11 was a false-flag operation. Very, very few. In effect the dark cabal succeeded in fooling society on that matter and they continue to fool them on such things as the “death” of Osama bin Laden or extent of the threat from Al-Qaida. The fact that they fooled us probably meant that they would have succeeded in taking away our constitutional rights and establishing a dictatorship over us, as they planned to do, if not stopped by the galactics.

Few Americans acknowledge the financial manipulation that the cabal worked on people: the steadily-sinking status of American workers, flatlined wages, the elimination of pensions and other benefits, the shipping of jobs overseas, the creation of a buyer’s market from automation without taking any steps to see that the worker shared in the benefits of that automation.

Foreclosures, inequitable taxation, draining of wealth for endless wars, money that went to the cabal primarily – on and on we could go listing the ways in which the average person has suffered financially. Yet you and I know that the galactics have broken the Illuminati grip on the economy and are an essential element of the new economy that is waiting in the wings. Could we have pulled ourselves out of financial servitude without galactic assistance? I don’t think we could have.

We know, though few others do, that the cabal entertained the idea of a nuclear Third World War and wanted to lower the population from 7 billion to 500 million and enslave the rest. But how many in society would believe that even if we told them?

The cabal has been lacing the sky with chemtrails, creating pandemics, engineering severe weather and catastrophic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and tornadoes. How might we have saved ourselves? We were headed for human catastrophe if the galactics had not intervened.

The galactics, in my view, saved this planet and its population from destruction by nuclear war, deadly pollution from depleted uranium, pandemics, and any number of other dark schemes.

Matthew Ward made a statement on the matter which I agree with:

“The dark forces would have continued to control the planet through their puppets whose oppression, lies and violence resulted in fear, ignorance, apathy and spiritual dimness within the masses; and the relentless barrage of negativity would have destroyed Earth. It is not that your universal family’s help can be proven only after they alight from their crafts, roll up their sleeves and get to work. Their light and advanced technology started helping you well over sixty years ago when Earth was in death throes—that her planetary body is alive and you are living on it is proof!” (1)

In another message, he makes the distinction between how we must set the pace towards the planetary shift but how galactic assistance in saving the planet from destruction was indispensable.

“The individuals who propose that a collective will to make your world a better place will achieve that without extraterrestrial help do make a good point—absolutely you must act, must set the pace toward world transformation, because it is your world. But those individuals are way off track by not acknowledging that without many other civilizations’ immeasurable help that started about seventy years ago, none of you would be where you are because the planet would have died. And we assure you, your space family’s continued help will be welcomed by all except the ones who are fighting mightily to prevent reforms anywhere.” (2)

So the conversation cannot be framed in terms that are overly simplified.  There is an area of life in which we have to do our work and there is an area of life in which galactic assistance, it seems to me, was and may remain essential.


(1) Matthew’s Message, Dec. 21, 2008, at http://www.matthewbooks.com/mattsmessage.htm

(2) Matthew’s Message, Feb. 14, 2010.