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UFO Report – UFO ORB Sweden – 19 February 2012

Uploaded by op 18th Febr. 2012


UFO Orb, Vienna, Austria, 30 August 2011





UFO sighting,Orb’s Fly By Serpent Like Creature, 13 August 2011

There a lately  a couple of reports older and new about Serpent like creature UFOs or Orbs . Sometime in en line of light object sometimes looking as a group of balloons bound together. This is an example.

UFO ORB Mississippi USA July 2011 (HD)


reported 29th July 2011 published 31 th July 2011

UFO – Slow Object’s And Close Up Orb’s Infrared Nightvision (Denmark)

UFO Sighting in Manila, Philippines June 27, 2011

Large UFO Orb Spotted over RIJEKA CROATIA 24 july 2011


via dnevnik.hr



UFO or ORB above Dublin 21 July 2011

The footage was shot at 3am 21 July  morning. The person  had a look out side before going to bed and there it was cruzin across the sky with a constant pulse.  The video was uploaded 21 july 2011 from Lacklaser on YouTube channel Lacklaser.