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GMO Labeling Efforts Fail In Colorado, Oregon, Succeed In Maui – 6 November 2014

RT logoMaui County, Hawaii, approved a temporary ban on GMO crop cultivation but efforts to label genetically-modified foods at the polls in Colorado and Oregon failed. Millions of dollars were spent backing and opposing the measures.

Squeaking by with just over 1,000 votes, Maui County voters approved a temporary ban on GMO crop cultivation in a 50 to 48 percent vote. The state has become a battleground between biotech firms and food activists – it was the country’s first ever ballot initiative against global agricultural companies like Monsanto and DOW AgroSciences, who spent $8 million trying to defeat the measure.

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Steve Beckow – 1990 Oregon Crop Circle A Sri Yantra (Included Video) – 6 June 2012

Not all crop circles are made in British fields.

In 1990 Air National Guard pilot Bill Miller noticed a strange formation on an Oregon dry lake bed that the Air National Guard frequently flew over on training missions. The massive formation is a quarter mile wide and is located 70 miles southeast of Burns, Oregon, in an area known as Mickey Basin. Continue reading