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John Ward – What Connects Paedophilia, TEPCO, Bankers, Osborne, Gove, Yeo And Johnson? – 17 January 2014

bigvnvbyellowA building story of bullying

While Plod and the legal system were busy crushing a butterfly DJ clown on the wheel over the last few days, a gent called Gordon Anglesea – a former police inspector closely involved with Sea Scouts, boys clubs and Welsh care homes – was at last arrested and charged with multiple paedophiliac abuse of boys aged between 8 and 14. Continue reading


John Ward – Cameron, Osborne, Hunt, Johnson, Shapps…And Five Scandals That Could Sink The Conservatives During Spring 2014 – 18 November 2013

govetwatitleAlthough very few in Britain are aware of it, a severely testing period now lies ahead of the Conservative Party. Are those in charge merely sloppy and stupid, or is a bigger plan in play? The Slog investigates. Continue reading

John Ward – Budget : Osborne Dreams Up The Non Idea Of The Century – 14 March 2012

With the bond markets wary of anything beyond a 100 days, the Chancellor offers them something for a hundred years.

I had my doubts about Draper Osborne pretty much from Day One really, but I wasn’t entirely sure he was a plonker until he started singing the praises of Frufru Lagarde. I realise, naturally, that he only did so because she was being nice about his fiscal policy at the time; but anyone with an ounce of common sense would know that proffering any public praise of Mme Lagarde is a hostage to fortune. Continue reading