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Lisa Gawlas – Our Crystaline Hearts And The Power Within! – 14 January 2013

crystal-heartSomedays, I feel like I am living my day in a the midst of an exploding star… scatter energy everywhere.  The beauty of stars is they are so full of light that when they explode, they are revealing streams of information readily available to anyone willing to connect.  One of my main learning’s yesterday, do not put the words communication and challenges near the same energy stream!!  As with any new project, there is always kinks to work out, and that was soooo true for the Soul Gym yesterday!  We got so much more than we bargained for!!  I have decided to go back old school and keep our chat sessions typed.  Details will be on The Soul Gym website (later) today.  Since we never really got into a whole conversation yesterday, the topic will remain the same for Wednesday at 4:30 pm MST.  Good news is, with the new chat room, it does not matter how much I lag, it does not affect the conversation at all!!  Happy Dancing!! Continue reading