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Ron Van Dyke – Our Future Is Bright The Timing Is Uncertain – 4 February 2013

Uploaded on 4 February 2013 by Ron Van Dyke For a long time in my life I have had recurring visions of a very happy and bright future for humanity. That, I truly believe, is God’s will for us. Our trials and tribulations were never intended to last forever; and I have seen my role here as one of both seeing the Divine essence in humanity as well as helping to awaken our family to the reality of that heaven within us. Frankly, I’m surprised our awakening has taken so long. Those who have been listening for the last couple years know of my frustration and challenges as I have dealt with disappointment. To me, as long as our so-called leaders are lacking in real vision and commitment to the truth, our journey will be filled with obstacles to our happiness that block the fulfillment of our dream of peace on earth. Still, in 2013, the timing for all of this remains uncertain. It’s coming; I just don’t know when or how.