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Lisa Gawlas – Our New World Powers Up! – 22 December 2013

lisagawlas2First, Happy Solstice to everyone and everything!!   Today, I really wish I had the ability to show you a video of what I am about to share instead of a bunch of words, sadly, you’re stuck with my words and I pray it all comes out in a fluid visual of excitement and understanding.

If we can look at the entire energy of 2013 as the time before the curtain opens, everyone is putting on their new outfits, adjusting as needed, rehearsing their lines, getting them down clearer and more fluidly.  Some character placements have been changed out, alternates brought in, creating new and unexpected relationships and potentials and even more rehearsing for the “Big Show.”  The Big Show is really the fully functional stage of Shambhala, Heaven on earth. Continue reading