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Rick Windsor : Creating a Desirable Outcome out of an Undesirable One

This is in response to a horrible situation a friend witnessed where people were beating an animal to death and the friend  could not stop them

First, always first I would go within and ask my Higher Self to show me what these people are trying to learn in creating this. What are their contracts and karma this life. I need to see this from a point of being One with them.

I would ask Guidance about how to create a more loving desirable situation.

I would ask to give love to the animal in its passing into Non-Physical.

I would ask to give Love to the souls practicing such cruelty as obviously they are very damaged and wounded.

Always adding the injunction that I know the Universe will only allow me to help create from the greatest and Highest Good I would through my High Self to connect with the Great Company of High Selves to give me a picture of what this Illusion could be changed into. A perfect Picture. And ask that I be helped into creating and holding that picture Within Myself.

Now the real work begins.

I allow myself to really feel the pain, the fear that I am feeling having witnessed this. To feel it with all its intensity, knowing that I was drawn here to help change it. But if I try to create from a fearful energy I will only make it worse. So I feel it and then let it go.

Now I hold the “desired” picture I have been given and infuse it with all the Love of the Universe that I can envision.

I ask that it be so!

I trust this vision is in alignment with the Higher Will. I give thanks that I have been brought to the situation and shown how to help create the change. I reaffirm that the Universe knows the Perfect method of healing. And that it may take more pain to bring about the  Release within those involved. I recognize that at my level I can’t see the perfect process, nor should try to control it. Doing so limits the Universe. I completely let go trusting the Universe to heal the Situation in the most perfect way.

Every time I remember the situation I go to the Desired picture and give love to it and all involved. If I have trouble with doing that I go back within to release the fear and again come back into LOVE and LIGHT. Each time I do this with anything I know I am reaffirming my Beingness as a Co-Creator with Source and returning to who I really AM