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John Ward – Rate-Rigging : New Toxic Tory Link To ISWAP – The Libor Of Derivatives Trading – Revealed : The Secrets Of Michael Spencer’s ISWAP, Michael Fallon, Page 19901,And Controversy About Derivative Rates – 10 July 2012

Last night at 7.15 pm BST, the Telegraph’s James Kirkup posted a piece on Paul Tucker’s ‘evidence’ headlined ‘Libor scandal may be going on elsewhere’. It must rank as the least assumptive and most understated headline of all time. I can think of a few that could beat it – ‘Some criminals may commit more crimes after release, says new report’ – but not many.

As I posted a couple of days ago, Liboresque scandals are going on everywhere all the time. But this morning I bring you news of senior Tories engaged in a similar sector to Libor – and one which is open to all the crookery, skulduggery, fraud and law-bending of which poor Paul Tucker only became aware just a few short months ago – right under the regulator’s bloody nose. Continue reading