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Pakistan’s Imran Khan Calls For Tax And Bill Boycott, Demanding Resignation Of PM – 17 August 2014

RT logoPakistan opposition leader and former cricket star, Imran Khan, has called for Pakistani residents to stop paying their taxes and utility bills in an anti-government protest aimed at bolstering his efforts to force Pakistan’s prime minister to resign.

“After two days … your time is up,” Khan told a thousands-strong rally in the capital, Islamabad, reported Reuters. “We will go for civil disobedience and will not pay taxes or utility bills till the time Nawaz Sharif resigns,” he announced.

Police estimates have said that some 55,000 people have occupied two central streets as part of two concurrent protests in the city. Both Khan, and the second protest leader, cleric Tahir ul-Qadri have said they will stay in their positions until Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif steps down.

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