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Moscow, Paris, Berlin Want More OSCE Observers In E.Ukraine – Russia’s Rep – 6 March 2015

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A follow-up meeting on the Minsk accords has urged to boost the number of OSCE observers in eastern Ukraine and prolong their mission, said Grigory Karasin, Russia’s deputy foreign minister. Kiev’s idea of sending peacekeepers did not gain much support.

Ukraine’s authorities often cannot deliver on what was agreed in Minsk,” Karasin said after the meeting. “We are worried that the launch of the political process is being delayed, while the social and economic conditions deteriorate.

We’d like much quicker progress,” he added.

Karasin was speaking after the meeting of the representatives of the ‘Normandy Four’ group – Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany, which took place in Berlin on Friday. Conducted at the level of top diplomats, the forum is referred to as the contact group.

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Thousands Rally Against Gaza Strikes In London, Paris, Dublin, Tel Aviv – 27 July 2014

RT logoTens of thousands of demonstrators have marched across London to protest Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, carrying signs reading “Gaza: End the siege.” Rallies also took place in France, Ireland and Israel as the Palestinian death toll surpassed 1,000.

Metropolitan Police placed the number of participants in London at around 45,000, The Independent reported. The demonstration, which began near High Street Kensington, passed the Israeli Embassy and eventually reached Parliament Square. Participants chanted, “Long live Gaza; long live Palestine” as they marched.

Several high profile speakers addressed the crowd, including Labour MP Diane Abbot, who said the participants were there to show solidarity with the people of Gaza.

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