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InvestmentWatchBlog – The Fed Has Failed (And Will Continue To Fail), Part 1 – 11 March 2014

InvestmentWatchBy Charles Hugh-Smith

The Fed’s policies have been an unqualified success for financiers and an abject failure for the bottom 99.5% who have to work for a living.

After five long years of politicos and the financial media glorifying the Federal Reserve’s policies as god-like in their power and efficacy, let’s take a quick look at the results of these vaunted policies: ZIRP (zero interest rates), (QE) quantitative easing, both of which are ways of shoving nearly limitless, nearly-free money ( a.k.a. liquidity) into the banking sector, where all this free money is supposed to filter into the global economy, working miracles of prosperity.

Let’s start with a chart of the Fed’s balance sheet, which reflects just how much money the Fed has created and pumped into the financial system. $4 trillion is larger than the entire GDP of Germany, and roughly 25% of U.S. GDP.

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Wes Annac – Planetary Healing: What Are Chemtrails? – Part 1 – 2 October 2013

wes-annac-300x229The following was written for the ongoing “Planetary Healing” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

Perhaps you’ve looked up in the sky and seen the thin, white trail left by commercial airplanes if certain atmospheric conditions call for it. You know, the thin little jet trail that appears for a moment and then dissipates away? Continue reading

Judith Dagley – Are You An “Energy Sensitive? – Then This Is For You, Part 1 – 30 September 2013


judithThis post is quite a sudden swerve into a topic that is almost the polar opposite of my usual ones. Know that I am feeling the swerve acutely as I write.  Usually, I write posts in response to the increasing call I feel from the many  who wish to become more “energy sensitive.” I celebrate that, since we are energetic beings, we do create the reflections we call “reality” through our own frequencies, and the “time” to awaken to our sovereignty as creator beings has been at hand for…quite awhile, let’s just say. So, such posts will not stop coming from me, be assured. Continue reading

AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Chaco Canyon – Our Ancient Future, Part 1 – 29 June 2013

eileenmeyerIn my last post I let you in on my feelings and intentions that followed a strong message to have an inter-dimensional meetup in Chaco Canyon.

I did it. And yet… it is not done. In the next few posts, I will loosely frame my 24-hour experience with the highlights, and over time, as I integrate, I will attempt to fill in the blanks. The actual visit to Chaco Canyon was only the beginning of new data and understandings that I am unravelling as I continue to research some of the “clues” that I was given about this sacred site, and I expect I will continue to receive well into the future. These insights have little to do with what is printed on the brochure or the “known” anthropology of the region. I ignore all that stuff and allow the land and the sky to speak directly to me. The synchronicities around how all of this is arriving in my life is a fantastic story in and of itself. We’ll just say that life is unfolding… I am unfolding in a different way since I showed up in that “intersection” that I was shown in my mind’s eye a few weeks ago.  Even though it is not my first trip to this sacred site (once in 2005), I am now in greater understanding that Chaco Canyon and surrounding areas are one of several inter-dimensional portals on Earth. Continue reading

Crys Crystaqueous – The Ascension Illusion Unmasked And The Global Consciousness Shift – Part 1 – 3 September 2012

The Ascension Illusion Unmasked And The Global Consciousness Shift

So-called human (born-man) eyes or vision can only perceive the born-man illusion world of beginnings and endings. The reason that the eyes, ears, and touch, etc, of this non-man do only sense or identify with that which is illusion, is because the human consciousness which is intimately connected with these complementary sense tools is entirely pre-programmed to know only that which is unreal. In other words, because the human consciousness is pre-established or fixed in illusion, the senses can only confirm that which this illusory consciousness believes to be true. It is never the other way around. Therefore, the problem is not so much the detecting senses, but rather, the mortal consciousness which demands that simply everything that is detected be interpreted in accordance with the so-called control center or born-man consciousness which is the same as the human mind. Hence, illusion man only sees and is that which he thinks he is. Continue reading

Santos Bonacci – Secret Of Secrets – The Elixer Of Life Hidding In The Bible – Part 1 – 15 August 2012

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Suzanne Lie – Journey Into Gaia – Part 1 – 14 July 2012

I feel that I was called to make this journey into Gaia. Of course, I love to travel, and it is usually in Nature. Nonetheless, something feels different about this trip. Maybe that is because everything feels different now. However, I am inclined—instructed—to document this journey, so I will. Yesterday was just about “getting out of town,” so today is actually the first day of this Journey. I will begin by documenting my: Continue reading