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Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 120 – 19 April 2012

As we have touched upon earlier, mankind has a hard time seeing the things that they are not meant to see. In other words, the programming that has overwritten your original blueprint has taken away your abilities to live as full citizens of this magnificent creation, therefore your outlook will seem bleak at this moment in time. But fear not, dear ones, you are about to be included in the multitude that makes up this vast ocean of creatures and entities once again, and just as in the blink of an eye after opening your eyes from the pitch darkness of night and into a bright new dawn, you too will be able to stretch, yawn and finally marvel at the rich tapestry unfolding on all sides. It will be like going from an old and grainy black and white silent movie and stepping right into a high definition surround sound, widescreen depiction of reality. In other words, this is once again a little reminder not to give in and pack it up as you are so tantalizingly close to finally experiencing this multicolored, multilayered reality we are all revelling in at the moment. Continue reading