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Suzanne Lie – New Earth Journal – Part 6 – 21 June 2012

My Entry NOW
Good Nowness Dear Humans,
We Undines, the Water Elementals, are joyous to speak with our humans. We say “our” humans because our element of water fills so much of your earth vessel. We know that our work is very important, as water is the greatest resource on Gaia’s body. However, many humans do not realize that, for if they did, they would surely make sure that it remained clear and fresh. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Hilarion – The Transition is a Great Awakening and a Prelude to Ascension – Part 6 – 24 May 2012

The ascended master Hilarion informed us on May 6 through Marlene Swetlishoff that “this is a very powerful time in the line up of planetary configurations and the energetic influence from the Spiritual realms.” (1)

“Many special dispensations of blessing and Love are being offered to Humanity, all that is required is being open to receive.

“Another passage of the Cosmic wheel has been made and we now embark on our new journey into unknown lands of new potential. Continue reading

Crystaqueous – The Song Of Solara – Part 6 – 2 May 2012

Greatly beloved is the expression by Solara which I have entitled:

The Song Of  Solara

“This Planet is merely a playground for Gods and Angels.  Some of us are playing the roles of ‘good guys’ and some of us are the ‘bad guys’, but sooner or later, this Play is going to be over.  After the make-up and costumes are removed, who is going to remain?  Just some Celestial Beings of Light who finally completed a Grand Adventure, a tiny Cosmic Play. Continue reading