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Crystaqueous – Do Performing Artists In The Dream Create Their Own Reality? Part 7 – 3 May 2012

There are multiple appearances in the Dream none of which are the way things really are. What I mean by this is that even though the masses find themselves intently believing and promoting this or that theory with the common belief among such that they thereby create their own realities, this too is simply among the appearances on the Stage of Dream.   All dream imaginings aside, every thought and action within the Earth Drama is in precise accordance with the Script of Divinity.  Therefore in the final analysis, all scenarios are the way they are not because human mind makes them so but rather due to the fact that roles are all pre-scripted accordingly. Hence the dream axiom—“we create our own reality”—is never true regardless of how long it has been entertained to the contrary.   Oh, the unparalleled and joyous nature of the Divine Cosmic Play! Continue reading