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Lisa Gawlas – The Vibrational Field Of DNA And Desire – Part 1 – 28 March 2012

Just when I thought (hoped) I was done writing (downloading) about DNA and I stare at my computer screen waiting for the information to flow all I can see are these spirally things sticking out of a body.  I touched on these in one of my posts (I think the first one about the three phases of DNA) it seems we are going to understand this further!! Continue reading

Steve Beckow – So I’m A Part-timer. Now What? – 3 February 2012

“I’m on my way!”

We have more people for full time than we were supposed to. Mind you, this is the event of the millennium so why wouldn’t that be the case?

We can’t add more to the full-time roster, but we can add people to the part-time roster. Continue reading