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People’sTrustSaskatoon – What Is Relevant In This Moment Of Now – 14 July 2013

Before I start this article I want you to know that this is my perspective & I’m not saying anyone has to believe what I think is right or wrong. If it resonates with you, thats fine. If not that is fine too!

Longer than we can all remember there has been all kinds of things done to us to DIVIDE & CONQUER!!

False flags are created to distract our attention from creating out new HEAVEN on EARTH.
Even if they are not false flags, why would we focus on that instead of creating new? Is it because our logical mind controls us to waste our energy on these things? Continue reading


People’sTrustSaskatoon – More Dot Connecting! – 7 July 2013

If you read D’s blog post & listen to Mark’s call from last night it will help you connect a few dots on why there has been no currency revalue yet. Here are a few things picked out by me & this is my perspective: Continue reading

PeoplesTrustSaskatoon – The Event From My perspective – 9 June 2013

My perspetive of *THE EVENT* is the way I think things might unfold when I connect a few dots & discipher the language used by Heather!

We were told that things would change in the BLINK of an EYE or at the speed of HEART!!
We were also told that at the time of the event ABSOLUTE DATA would be revealed for all to access!! Which is the cellular memory or Akasik records & we have to go within to access the absolute data! For everyone to have access to the absolute data at the same time, it would mean that everyone should be hitting full conciousness at the same time! Hence the *EVENT* would be of an energetic nature!! Continue reading