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Personal Message from Mike Quinsey, August 31, 2011

Personal Message from Mike Quinsey, August 31, 2011.  Via SteveBeckow.com by Steve Beckow

Hi Friends,

I’m sorry I could not contact you earlier, but my computer completely crashed, and I had no way of letting you know. I didn’t know at the time that my hard drive had gone, and was hoping my computer (8 years old) could be repaired quickly, but that was not to be and it took 9 days to sort out.

During that time I understand that a number of you learned of my situation and wanted to help me out. That resulted in an appeal for donations to help me purchase a new computer which I did on Saturday the 27th August.

As I lost all of my Hard Disc data, I was faced with a formidable task to set it up again, finding for example that with new Windows Seven some of the old programs that I used with XP were not compatible, and that also included my two printers, both of which were admittedly quite old.

The amount of time taken to sort it all out, largely came from difficulty in trying to recover information from the old Hard Disc. So your great generosity enabled me to buy a new computer and printer right away, which also gave the opportunity to make sure it had a bigger memory and a faster speed.

I found it could not take my favourite Outlook Express, but you will be pleased to know that Windows Live Mail is a very good replacement, and, once I get used to it, might well prove to be better.

As things stand at present, I’m being given fantastic help by someone who is a computer wizard and has given freely of his time to finish off what I started. In fact Maarten Horst has so far worked on it for about 5 hours, is still customising it for me, and will also get my old computer set up as a useful standby.

Maarten is a fellow BBS Radio host who I’d already befriended, and what a great friend at that. As best as I understand it I owe heartfelt thanks to Steve Beckow, Kees de Graaff, and Maria Luisa Vasconcellas for their input in getting the appeal out, and Steve for handling the transfer to me.

My Dear Friends, your response absolutely took my breath away when I first heard about it, and I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude and love for you all. You are truly of the Light and it proves that we are brothers and sisters in that very powerful energy. They say it is an ill wind that often brings out the best in people, and you have lifted me out of a predicament that could have caused a great deal more trouble than it did.

Once again, many thanks to you all – and although I do not know many of you by name I did see the list with your first names on it.

Finally can I just apologise for not being able to personally reply to other emails enquiring about the messages or offering advice, as I have been so busy sorting my programs out.

In Love and Light,

Mike Quinsey.


Personal message to you.

Found myself today in a strange conflict. I rather not wanna publish negative news. I’d rather publish a lot of fun and positive news. Because it is better to stay in the light in that way. But also I see a lot of it is relevant to know about for those who haven’t yet or are being awakening. Information is needed to make up your own minds and choices on your path.

I’ve talked about a lot in my writings in my blog. And my message is clear. Why have to disclose the truth ourselves. And that is why I still put important negative news on my blog. But the nice stuff and happy news I will publish also.

I am glad to see a lot of people now blogging, sharing info and having a talk about it. That’s the way forward. Little by little the news is also seeping trough in the mainstream media.  It looks like there are changes up hand. SaLuSa channeled by Mike Quinsey told also about that in his last channeling of the 15th of july.

I see also a lot of people talking about ascension. That’s great. But for me personal is being in the now what has to be. I do what I can do to spread the message. I hope all of you will support others in their efforts as i will be doing.

So be the ones you have been looking for. And Be in the now in love and light.

With Love and Light,


Personal Awakening – Just turn the key

A lot of  of people still are taken by the negative images on television, negative reports and talk shows in divers media, negative references, remarks, words from colleges, friends and family, negative words and lectures by their teachers, etc.

Why do we have so much trouble in getting out of that negative surrounding. We bathe in the negative things around us without (maybe conscious) knowing we do so.  If you are more conscious of the negative forces you hear, feel, see, think, then you will see your way out of it.

How do you start your positive journey of walking in the light. It can’t be  more simple as starting an engine by turning the key.

Just turn the key and act in response. Ask yourselves: What is it which makes it negative?  If you can give facts or examples then you can go to the next question.

Can you really do something about it?  If the answer is yes than you can act. For example don’t  watch the negative one-sided news or  scary movies. If you can’t do something about it then don’t stay in the negative and move on. For example you can’t change the drama that has happened in Fukushima Japan.

If you can’t change things for the better than you still can show compassion and sent love and light. If you feel something is getting you in a negative mood or feels negative ask the questions. If you do so you will see  that you easier can stay in the light. You learn not to have your live taken  over by negativity. You will stay in the light. Feel that you are not alone and One with all the human lightworkers, higher beings and our space brothers and sisters and our mother earth.

Thus is personal awakening just a little step away.  It is not difficult. Just turn the key and act on the questions above. And Act. You will see improvement in your lives.

Love and light,