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WakingTimes – Peter Borys Jr – Awakening The Higher Mind Of Cellular Consciousness – 4 May 2013

universeAs we continue to receive and resonate with the higher dimensional galactic and solar energy that is communicating with the Earth and humanity, we are awakening to Divine awareness.  This awareness of infinite consciousness is who we are as a Divine human consciousness in incarnate expression. Continue reading

Peter Borys Jr. – Awakening To Divine Human Consciousness – 10 February 2013

rtfIn our journey to become a higher expression of our true consciousness in Divine Being, we often use language that includes words such as “healing,” “transformation,” and “evolution” to describe a process of change. Because we are moving from one frequency of consciousness to another, we perceive this pathway as becoming something new—transforming into something that is different than what we are expressing at present. Continue reading

WakingTimes – Peter Borys Jr. – Heart Consciousness And The Body: Transforming The Physcial Body To Higher Frequencies Of Matter – 26 January 2013

Flickr-Heart-aussiegall-300x295Heart consciousness fully unites the soul with the body in pure harmony through the spirit. Through a heart-centered consciousness, our infinite and eternal being can be expressed within the physical body on Earth.  It is the fullness of love and creativity unhindered by the duality density of incarnate life. Continue reading

Peter Borys Jr – Cosmic Energy, The Dimensional Shift, And A New Divine Humanity – 14 June 2012

Multidimensional Transformation and Spiritual Creativity

We are experiencing a very intense and distinct change in the cosmic energies that are transmitting to us through the Sun and Earth. We receive energy directly from the Sun and Earth, directly from the galaxy, and as galactic energies that are transmuted by the Sun and then communicated to human consciousness. Continue reading