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NaturalNews – PF Louis – TSA Agents Strip-Search And Publicly Humiliate Cancer Patient – 2 March 2014

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) A man’s wife wrote up an account of what happened to her and her husband when they attempted to board a flight recently. Her husband is a prostate cancer victim undergoing conventional treatments that usually make things worse.

One of his side issues includes incontinence, or the inability to control one’s bladder, resulting in wearing incontinence undergarments that are similar to diapers, just in case. Not the type of thing a grown man looks forward to disclosing.

The wife posted her commentary about the TSA encounter anonymously on a blog called CafeMom.com. It appears as though that commentary is no longer available on that blog. But it was posted on RT.com. Here’s part of the account in the wife’s own words. Continue reading

NaturalNews – PF Louis – Canadian Government To Review 23 Pesticides Banned In Europe – 25 February 2014

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) Have any idea of how many chemicals have been introduced into our environments since WWII? A half-decade ago, the count* was over 80,000. Some are used for Big Ag, some are in medicines and processed foods, toys and household items, and some of them are in the air and water.

Industrial chemicals, most of which are barely tested by the people who make them, are ubiquitous. Most toxicities are usually not realized until massive adverse health reports are made. We’re the guinea pigs, the canaries in the coal mine for the chemical companies that lie all the way to the bank. Continue reading

NaturalNews – PF Louis – Harvard Students Vote To Ban Bottled Water – 16 December 2013

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) It’s refreshing to see that college students are beginning to do more than merely protest against environmental and health-damaging issues pushed by corporate America. They’re also going beyond pushing for labels and “co-existence.” They’ve started to go for the economic throat of big business by banning certain toxic products from campuses, such as bottled water.

Though this story is based on a Harvard student body decision, as of early 2012, over 90 colleges and universities of varying sizes and types throughout the USA have banned or restricted bottled water sales as demanded from student-led referendums and lobbied directives. The motives are mostly ecological. Continue reading

NaturalNews – PF Louis – Something’s Fishy : Hundreds Of Animals, Fish And Birds From Florida Natural Lagoon Are All Mysteriously Dead – 5 July 2013

NaturalNews-FBSymbol(NaturalNews) More events of mass wild-life species deaths are occurring exponentially, usually without explanation. Often the immediate problem is recognized, but what caused the problem remains unknown.

The term “non-point pollution” pops up, indicating that the source of the problem comes from more than one polluter.
Continue reading

NaturalNews – PF Louis – Discover The Seven Most Nutrient-Dense Foods On Earth – 21 May 2013

Alfalfa-Sprouts(NaturalNews) The superfood tag is awarded to nutrient-dense foods, which pack more nutrients or antioxidants per bite than most other foods. Superfoods are food, not just nutritional extracts, minerals, or vitamins sold as supplements to food, such as B complex capsules, etc.

One may survive on a couple of superfoods, but as meals they aren’t very fulfilling. Nevertheless, as foods, the body accepts them more easily than most extracted supplements. So eat good food with added superfoods as well.
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NaturalNews – PF Louis – Activist Mom Launches National Movement Boycotting GMOs – 10 July 2012

(NaturalNews) Occasionally, an outraged citizen turns on the establishment and starts a grass roots national campaign. One such citizen is Connecticut mother Diana Reeves. She quit her promising career with an upscale accounting firm to take care of her young son with cancer, who died before turning five.

With her other two children suffering from health problems, Diana channeled her grief into researching food and its relationship to health, including the effect on health from GMOs. Continue reading

TheRefusers.com provides information and news exposing vaccines

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