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Bill Ballard -Phoenix HAARP Dish Located, Photographed And Uses Explained – 8 April 2012

On April 3 2012 another series of man-made HAARP-generated tornadoes landed in the USA. This time the storms hit Dallas, Texas and a close friend of mine messaged me describing the event as it unfolded around him in Ft. Worth Texas.  This article is being written in response to what we witnessed that particular day. Also, in 2011 I observed from the other side of the country HAARP beams being generated from the Phoenix area which seemed to be integral to the weather manipulations I had witnessed. These past weeks I have been in and around the Phoenix area and purely by chance happened onto the particular HAARP site I had seen used in 2011 (and 2012) on many occasions for very dramatic weather manipulations across the USA. Continue reading