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USA PATRIOT ACT makes your cell phone a tracking weapon

USA PATRIOT ACT makes your cell phone a tracking weapon  via http://www.examiner.com

Seeing recent events as the Murdoch scandal in cellphone hacking and phone tapping.People are still ignorant and believers in the governments and it’s institutions as well as multinationals and big corporations. We are still believing in  them as if everything they do is for the best of us all. We don’t see hidden agendas. This article is just an example of what really everybody could have been expecting after 9/11. Who is in control you should ask. If you think we “the people” still are, then you have to act. So people ask questions about this. Let them give you a plausible reason and not a reason of fear of might be attacked or what else and get your rights back. Intrusion of privacy and  intrusion of the privacy of your own home isn’t something you have to put up with. If we are no slaves then act as free people do.