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Thousands Of UK Students March In ‘Cops Off Campus’ Protest (VIDEO, PHOTOS) – 12 December 2013

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Thousands of students gathered at the University of London on Wednesday to take part in the ‘Cops off Campus’ demonstration. Participants marched through the streets of the British capital to protest against heavy police presence on university campuses.

Demonstrators broke through the Senate House gates on campus. After failed attempts to enter the building, the protesters began their march.

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Raven Clabough – Documents Raise Further Questions About Domestic Drone Use – 24 August 2012

Despite assertions by the federal government that domestic drones would not be used to spy on Americans, government documents seem to tell another story. A Freedom of Information request filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation has revealed documents by the Federal Aviation Administration, a component of the Department of Transportation, that give strong indication the drones will be used for surveillance purposes. Continue reading

Jean Haines – Student Struggle: Montreal To Mark 100 Days Of Protests Amid Mass Arrests (VIDEO, PHOTOS) – 22 May 2012

Uploaded 22 May 2012 by  Continue reading

Scorpion Shaped UFO Seen In the Skies over Los Christianos, Spain with Photos

Scorpion Shaped UFO Seen In The Skies over Los Christianos, Spain, with Photos