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Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation – 1 January 2012

Dear ones, we come to you today with a message of joy and hope, of love and light, and the promise of a new year for you and your people. Today marks the first day of your new year, a year that will see many changes for your civilization. We would like to say that these changes will be smooth, transitionally  speaking, but we must be honest with you at all times and tell you these changes may be abrupt and very tumultuous to many of your world. If you look at it from the viewpoint of the yet un-awakened, you may see these changes from a new perspective. One day these souls believe they exist within a world where their governments protect them from all harm, look after all of their medical needs, safeguard their economy for them, even tell them how to behave and how to think. Continue reading

John Smallman – SAUL – An enormous planet-wide heart-opening – 16 October 2011

As is becoming very clear, economic and political changes are happening all over the world that the mainstream media can no longer avoid reporting on. However, on top of all that, much more is occurring secretly of a far more dynamic nature, and news of some of that is leaking into the alternate media. This is indeed the start of the awakening process towards which you have been working with great fortitude for so long, and even in your illusory environment it is quite apparent that it is unstoppable.  All that you have been hoping and praying for is to be delivered as divinely promised.

The violence and warmongering that have been diseases of your human condition for so long have run their course, and healing is taking place as the high fevers in the areas most severely affected cool and dissipate.  As with any serious illness, a period of recuperation is required to allow the infected systems to rebuild their strength and energy.  There may be a need for some minor surgery, but basically, healing is underway and humanity is assured a full recovery.  Healing means the release and dissolution of the negative attitudes that have held you in thrall for eons, and which have fomented envy leading to conflict, betrayal, and war.

This great change in attitudes worldwide is the most important and significant of all the changes that are occurring because it motivates and encourages new perceptions concerning age-old problems that have, until now, seemed intractable.  Respect and acceptance of one another, instead of viewing each other with hostility and distrust, builds an environment in which all can come together to search for and bring about solutions to problems that have plagued you, in ways that honor the needs of all involved.

The increasing numbers of areas in which peaceful and harmonious cooperation is taking place all over the world is quite astounding when you compare it to the situation as recently as fifty years ago, and to maintain this momentum it is very helpful to focus on the successes that have been achieved, because success and belief in it lead to greater success.  You have earned these successes through your stalwart and tireless efforts, frequently in situations when the odds against them appeared distressingly high.  However, your perseverance paid off and it often seemed that the rewards obtained were far beyond anything you had imagined to be possible.  Remember, you always have divine assistance when you seek to achieve ends that are for the highest good of all concerned, because then you are engaging and working with the divine Will, and that never fails.

Now that you have started to really understand how essential it is to exchange attitudes of inflexibility, intolerance, and hostility for attitudes of compassion, kindness, and cooperation, your journey towards awakening and into your natural and fully-conscious state will accelerate.  More and more of you are recognizing the absolute necessity of encouraging and promoting loving attitudes at all times in your daily lives.  Having recognized this, your continuing attempts to live in this fashion – putting your money where your mouths are – are demonstrating integrity and honesty in action to others.  Many are amazed when they meet and recognize this way of behaving for the first time, and when they recover from their surprise they may well consider it naïve and unrealistic. However, they have been nudged, they will not forget, and it will enable within them the processes that will lead them to start changing their own disharmonious attitudes.  It truly is an enormous awakening energy that is experienced by those mired and anchored in the old negative attitudes when they meet and interact with someone demonstrating loving kindness in action.

Each one of you demonstrating these divine attributes – love, compassion, integrity, and gentleness – is changing the world.  The changes were small at first, but like a flood, a contagion, or a wild fire, they spread, accelerated and intensified – becoming unstoppable.  Your sterling efforts, assisted by the divine energy field enveloping the planet, have brought this about – the enormous planet-wide heart-opening – and are enabling the move into your fully-conscious state.  For this you are divinely honored.  Keep moving forward, bringing your sisters and brothers home with you to Reality.

With so very much love, Saul.

Benjamin Fulford, August 2, 2011 – What replacing the government of the planet means

Benjamin Fulford, August 2, 2011 – What replacing the government of the planet means by Reena via www.reenagagneja.com

Power is an elusive thing. It is ultimately a fine balance of mass psychology built up through the momentum of the past. Changing the very top of the world power structure involves a shift in the psychology of the people who rule the planet. That change is then followed by a change in public announcements and actions. People watching the collapse of the current world regime are getting impatient because it seems to be taking so much time. They need to understand that changing a system that has existed for thousands of years needs to be handled with great care in order to avoid chaos, starvation and war. Nonetheless, the signs of global regime change are everywhere.

Let us look at some of the signs in both the corporate propaganda media and behind the scenes. The case of Dominique Strauss-Khan, the former head of the IMF, is one. On the surface, he was arrested and deposed for allegedly raping a maid. Under the surface, DSK has been released because he has begun to cooperate with the White Dragon Society and reveal the secrets of the criminal cabal that illegally seized control of global finance.

Another case is Rupert Murdoch. On the surface, Murdoch is under attack for a scandal involving listening in on mobile phone calls. This is simply a pretext because such mobile listening scandals have emerged in the past and never had such repercussions. The truth is that Murdoch is breaking away from the five person cabal that controlled the corporate media information flow. He is threatening to reveal a lot more if he continues to be persecuted. The White Dragon Society offers him protection if he is willing to start using his media empire to report the unvarnished truth about things like 911 without worrying about any power group, including the WDS.

The other big split that is obvious is that between the British and Roman empires. When George Bush Jr. and Tony Blair went to the Vatican offering to convert to Catholicism, they were seeking the protection of a Roman Godfather. This did not stop the British powers from revealing Blair was complicit in agreeing to the criminal invasion of Iraq and the mass murder of its citizens. Retaliation came a while later with wide publicity in such propaganda organs as the Association Press about the alleged murder of Princess Diana by the British Royal family.

There will be many more revelations as the old power cabal continues to unravel and competing factions begin to reveal each other’s scandals.

A lot of people were paying close attention to the fake debate over the US budget but those with inside knowledge ignored this annual farce because they knew it was irrelevant. The fact of the matter is the US corporation needs to borrow close to $2 trillion every year from foreigners to keep going and they are not getting it. They are only getting to kick the can down the road a bit longer while the new system gets ready.

Last week a group linked to Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger and fellow cabalists tried to cash some megabonds through the White Dragon society. They were told no. They issued threats, they received counter-threats.

Their flunkies in Japan, meanwhile, are in deep trouble. Former Prime Minister and Bush slave Junichiro Koizumi has gone into hiding in North Korea for the past month. The Inagawa crime syndicate, which displays a picture of their boss meeting Bush Senior at their headquarters, has finally realized they were being fooled and used.

Some police officials who work for the Washington criminal cabal are still trying to make mischief but they have lost any public pretense of being on the side of justice and their days are numbered.

Former Prime Minister Nakasone has begun to keep a low profile. The Rockefeller crime syndicate is no longer welcome in Japan.

Despite all of these changes under the surface, the fact remains the public news being given to the brainwashed Western world is still mostly cabal propaganda. A visit to Canada revealed that brainwashed intellectuals were confused about contradictions in the official propaganda line about places like Afghanistan and Libya but they were still far from understanding the truth about the criminal nature of their government.

In the news was that, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon was given a new term as head of the UN despite the fact that the people of the planet did not choose him for the job. As a result the general theme and direction of the planet remains one of unrestrained corporate profiteering, huge income gaps between the rich and the poor, endless criminal wars and a daily deluge of corporate lies being fed to the people.

When will the White Dragion Society take action? many continue to ask. The answer to this remains that painful though the situation is; some secret negotiations are still needed to prevent a nuclear holocaust. In specific, the Israeli government and its 200 or so nukes needs to be dealt with. The Jewish people need to renounce the gangsters who have seized power in Israel. The criminal cabal in Washington D.C. also needs to understand the inevitable. Big changes on these fronts are expected this autumn.

~~ End ~~

Ben Fulford: People of Planet Earth Want Peace | The 2012 Scenario

Ben Fulford: People of Planet Earth Want Peace | The 2012 Scenario. via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com



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