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TheOne-DreamDreamer – Darkness? Yes, please! – 19 January 2013

onedreamdreamerblogDarkness… absence of light?

What is darkness? It’s everywhere… talking about the “dark ones”, those that “control the world”, the “bad ones”. Uhu… ok. People say they get attacked by the dark ones, psychic attacks as they hold so much light the become the target of the dark. Continue reading


Ron Head – Michael – Understand, Please, That Your Intuition Is The Voice Of Spirit – 30 November 2012


It is good that you opened yourself to the message from our dearest friend, Francis.  Please remain open to others.  We will continue to keep access to you clear as long as you keep to your preparation routines.

We highly value the reach and effectiveness of our trusted channels at this time.  They are performing wonderfully under very difficult circumstances.  Within short weeks now, they will find themselves suddenly with greater awareness, capabilities, and ease in their roles as all surrounding and inner resistance will be removed.  Continue reading