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Ben Fulford – Updates – 8 February 2012

Two question/remarks on Fulford’s typepad website.

Mainstream Media

Dear Benjamin Fulford,

I’ve been following your blog and the various interviews you’ve been
doing. I’m just wondering if you can say when you would expect that
the mainstream media will be taken from the satanists and when the
truth will start coming out on a larger scale. For many people it is hard to believe that there are major changes taking place until there is some obvious evidence (video footage etc). If there has been a
decision to unite North Korea, South Korean and Japan will that at
least be announced via the media soon? Continue reading

Paul Joseph Watson – ACTA Agreement (Worse Than SOPA And PIPA) – The Worlds Attempt To Internet Censorship – STOP THIS! – 26 January 2012

Lucas: “This Article is about the next level of internet censorship an agreement ACTA that allows corporations to close down ISP’s  or remove content without any form of legal process and this world-wide, so no much of alternative internet (news)sites, blogs, Facebook and other pages, etc , publishing the news worldwide could be  under threat or are in some cases already. The bill has been signed already in Poland followed by enormous demonstrations of people on the streets against ACTA. They still not accept defeat but try to push boundaries beyond acceptance. Now you really know you are ruled NOT  by a government chosen by people to represent the interest of all people for the better of mankind, but by dark cabal  and dark corporate interests ruling our so-called democracies.” Continue reading

UFO Report- UFO Over Poland 6th January 2012 – 9 January 2012

Uploaded 8th January 2012 by GlobalUFOs on YouTube.

In the video a UFO is hovering a long time and them shoots away fast.

Geithner (Poland) To Float Idea Of Leveraging Euro Rescue

Exclusive: Geithner to float idea of leveraging euro rescue : Reuters.com by Jan Strupczewski 15th Sept.2011