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Poof – Now The Phoenix Rises – 1 April 2013

pt1220_poof_logoLink *$27.5 TRILLION Belongs to America – America’s Dirty Little Secret

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So, I see some of you had your heads blown about some mis/dis…put out by a couple of the talking heads, one is certain to be a talking head for the cheney group. Therefore, we’re still looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. I bet when he passes and get’s his karmic payment for deeds done, he’ll be arguing for his rights to tell those lies. What happened to ‘debt doesn’t matter?’ Common sense says it matters to they you owe. Mr wanta has backup to getting that 27T spread out. The other signatory is setting on ice right now, ready to initiate the reagan/mitterrand protocols. Because they’ve tried to kill the man on a few occasions, he thought it best to remain where he is until the all clear is sounded. As the phoenix rises, the eggs will start cracking open and you’ll notice, the world will notice…one thing that will be noticed is folks exchanging their dinars and dongs. RVs Have to happen, new banking system based on precious metals, the rvs happen accordingly. Continue reading

Poof – 25 March 2013

pt1220_poof_logoPOOF for MAR 24: Slight delay of the finish.
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Poof – March – FINITO – 18 March 2013

pt1220_poof_logoPOOF for MAR 17: Finito<
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Date: Sunday, 17-Mar-2013 17:21:21POOF for JAN 27: Fly Like A Bird (hobie)

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Poof – The Snake Bites – “After 100+ years of Running the Show, Bankers Can’t Hear the Word ‘No’” – Via Kailapele -10 March 2013 – 11 March 2013

pt1220_poof_logo[UPDATE 1350 HST: Wait a minute… did Poof say, “Leap forward! Turn your back on the past and leave your butts behind you”? Didn’t I just get the same word in this last post??? “[Koa] has leaped in energy… this is what is happening all over the place… let my energy be “leaped”!!”] Continue reading

Poof – Electricity In The Air – 4 March 2013

pt1220_poof_logoGreetings and Salutations:

As quiet as it’s gotten, the excitement in the air is quite palpable. Rv is in the high octave range now…something is afoot. Funny how the new treasury guy went thru the senate so fast, he does know what he’s doing and has experience. He knows all about the rvs going on in the world, as well as, prosperity programs, global settlements, and the necessary deep changes to happen in the [US]. He’s all for it. In the years to come, many grand children will hear about this unbelievable shift planet wide. We’re all going at once. Some kicking and screaming. Sometimes man’s free will is confronted with an issue, it can do nothing but flow with it. For some this is like a dose of castor oil…unpleasant but good for you. lololol Continue reading

Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult [The first link from Poof.]

article link by: Mike Lofgren, Truthout | News Analysis published saturday 3 september 2011

My Comment: This politcal article gives new insights in the change of American Governance. Its a difficult read but is worth the time.