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Cobra – Portal 2012 – Interesting Developments – 5 November 2012

(Lucas : use your own discernment in reading these infos.)

Interesting developments

This weekend marks a great progress of the Light forces. Much is happening behind the scenes and needs to remain classified for now, but there are a few things for all to see. Continue reading


Cobra – Portal 2012 – Important Update About Fixing The World Project – 31 October 2012

Important Update about Fixing the World Project
This is the immediate phase one results of the project. It has been sent to the parties in charge of releasing the funds. It needs to also be spread on the internet for the people to read Continue reading

Cobra – Portal 2012 – Stream Of Positive Free Will – 26 October 2012

Stream of Positive Free Will
Although the critical mass of 144,000 people for the Day of Decision has not been reached, we were not far from that and our collective decision has created a powerful stream of positive free will that will never be extinguished, it will grow until the point when it will overflow the planet and the Event will  happen.
Right after our mass activation, a massive solar flare has erupted from the Sun: Continue reading

Cobra – Portal 2012 – The Masterplan – 13 October 2012

The Masterplan
Experience especially in the last few months shows that human nature is very susceptible to Archons’ physical and non-physical influence.
Archons succeeded in fragmenting the liberation movement. Surface positive groups were infiltrated and corrupted, those that remained pure were ridiculed and attacked.  Any ideas from you about  how to reduce the fragmentation of positive groups and achieve more unity among them before the Event would be most welcome.  Continue reading

Cobra – Portal 2012 – Day Of Decision Update – 12 October 2012

Day of Decision Update
Groups are being created worldwide for this event. You can also create your own group or join on facebook:
Or watch the youtube videos: Continue reading

Cobra – Portal 2012 – Day Of Decision 21 October 2012 – 9 October 2012



It is time to take action! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, on the Day of Decision at the beginning of the second Window of Opportunity: Continue reading

Cobra – Portal 2012 – Galactic Confederation – 3 October 2012

Galactic Confederation

As I have said, Galactic Confederation is a loose confederate union of positive civilizations within this Galaxy, such as Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians… Its leaders are ascended masters, beings that live in enlightened state of consciousness. On this planet, Galactic Confederation is known under many names: Galactic Federation, Galactic Federation of Light, Galactic Confederation of Planets, Galactic Federation of Planets, United Federation of Planets… All those names describe the same, positive group. Continue reading

Cobra – Portal 2012 – Fall Of The Reptilian Empire, And My Discernment – 9 September 2012

(Lucas : To Discern on the writings of cobra  on his conferences  ((and now the fear spreading and commanding things to do  or not to in this message))  is what I recommended you to do. I am not so sure I will post Cobra anymore.  I have seen Greg Giles messages go into negativity and even calling for violent uproar as he also was trying to blame others (negative entities) for writing his own messages  as he needed to correct it. Taking responsibility and being honest is difficult it seems, and being upright in what your intentions are is what is in so many ways in articles and channelings and by self-proclaimed leaders  now very questionable. For lots it is difficult in their vulnerability to make out what is for them right or wrong and their truth. Continue reading

Cobra – Portal 2012 – About The Conferences And Cobra – 3 September 2012

(Lucas: I posted my comment with my doubts expressed in things I found very odd and offending by Cobra and his organized Conferences on my own blog website. Still I see in this explanation of Cobra in no way an excuse to say what he had said about lightworkers.  He now is crawling back on his remarks he had made. What excuse is there for labelling the lightworker community as not dedicated if not complying to his conference attendance.  Continue reading

Cobra – Portal 2012 – Cobra Announcement: Conferences Around The World – 31 August 2012

(Lucas : I am using my utmost discernment when reading this,
For multiple reasons I see this announcement as problematic:
1- You can only have parts of the so-called Operation Dreamland
revealed at the conferences.