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By Ron Van Dyke

On June 16, 2011, the US Supreme Court overturned a US Court of Appeal ruling; and, believe it or not, reasserted not only State sovereignty but individual sovereignty as well. And we thought the government was going to hell in a hand basket! This unanimous decision, as I see it, is a major turning point, a visible shift in consciousness of the ruling elite. All things are possible. Watch for miraculous reversals in the remainder of this 9th wave.

09-1227.pdf The ruling in PDF on the left.



Will the news change?

Realising this morning that there is something special hovering over this day, i got awake. It feels like tremendous joy and believing the things to happen are very near. I wanted to see more positive news on the net while i was reading, but still the negative news is still blogged and reblogged. Why don you just do read it and see it as a fact and go one with your lives spending time in a positive manner of behaving, thinking, being. Is the positive cure of a child or the birthday of a beloved one, the green leaves on your beautiful trees, the beautiful birds, bees and critters in your garden or park not more uplifting. I believe so. Let’s make the news positive again. Will you try also. That warms my heart.

Love and light,