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Greg Giles – The Postponed Trip And The Seven Hundred Pound Gorilla – 5 February 2012

After plans to have members of our planet’s citizenry embark on a 10 day field trip to the stars as guests of the mother ship Neptune have fallen through, many people have aligned our Earthen organizer Steve Beckow within their sites, either prepared to pull the trigger that he was duped, or that this was all somehow his fault that this trip did not materialize. To blame Steve Beckow in any way, shape or form for the postponement of this trip is akin to holding Moses accountable for the 10 Commandments. There are the naysayers who will point to certain aspects of these communications which to them appear questionable, but even some parts of tablets Moses crated down from the top of Mount Sinai do not appear to make much sense either. Does anyone else feel the parts about not coveting thy neighbors goods or wife sound more to you like a couple of rich guys wanting you to keep your mind off their money and your eyes off their wife? This sounds more like something my Greek neighbor who owns the local diner would say. “Hey, you looka’ my wife, I breaka’ you face!” But I digress, as I so often do. Continue reading