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John MacHaffie – Intel – GS, Markets, PP, RV & Nesara – 11 March 2012

(Comment Lucas : I can not tell all intel is correct as I can not check it, so use your own discernment. Though the intel is in line of the happenings and what is going on right now.)

(another fasten your seat belts report on Sunday 3/11/12)

This has been sourced from 3 continents from multiple sources:

1) Global Settlements – The sign offs in Hong Kong should have been done under extremely tight security. They all should be done by now, no wait – we are still waiting for the fellow from London (from about 3 weeks ago) and I honestly don’t know the real status. The fellow from London represents Europe and is the top dog —- and his life has been threatened by the bad guys over and over. He is the final one to sign. My respect and appreciation for his diligence on this matter. Continue reading