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John Smallman – SAUL – The most effective way you can prepare for your awakening

via johnsmallman.wordpress.com  Saul channeled by John Smallman 23 October 2011
As humanity’s time for being lost in the illusion of its collective, imaginary physical reality rolls towards its conclusion, continue to focus on your intent to change your unloving attitudes for the divine one of indiscriminate, unconditional love, and practice that at all times, allowing it to direct all your thoughts, words, and actions.  This is the most profound and effective way that you can prepare for your grand awakening.  Until you release attitudes of judgment and blame, and until you stop nurturing desires to see those whom you feel have offended, hurt, taken advantage of you or betrayed you, taken to task and punished for their misdeeds you will not awaken. Continue reading

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