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Jean Haines – Presenting SAS Thoughts – Another Point Of View, Certainly – On Perhaps What Is The ‘Real’ Truth Of Our Present Seeming ‘Rush To Disclosure.’ – 29 July 2012

(Lucas : I will post this article by a friend of mine Jean Haines as an other view on things. I might be so people see things in an other light. The whole disclosure issue was today also on Drake’s Vital Weekend Update bormbarded by Lady Dragon as Cobra had said it would be for sure not for October 2012. I am sorry to say there is lots said and stated that is conflicting. I urge you to use your own discernment and know with your own heart what is and what is not true to you. It can be others truth nor yours. But even so it is a truth. We will learn in time things in duality are not of interest anymore. Being the one who is right or is wrong does not exist. There IS only. Read all with an open mind but know what you feel is your truth and if that resonates with you stick for sure to it.  Love and Light, Lucas) Continue reading