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Max Igan – PressTV – Tony Blair Could Face War Cime Charges In Chilcot Report – 10 January 2015

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PressTV – Canada Plans To Invade Syria: Revealed – 16 April 2014

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The pro-Israeli government of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is making diplomatic and military preparations for military intervention in Syria, leaked documents show.

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PressTV – Canada Criminalizes Criticism Of Israel: Analyst – 13 April 2014

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The pro-Israel Canadian government is modifying the country’s criminal code to ban any criticism of the Zionist regime for atrocities against Palestinians, an analyst says.

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PressTV – US Winter Storm: State Of Emergency In NY, NJ, New England – 3 January 2014

presstvA state of emergency has been declared in New England and the states of New York and New Jersey as people in the north-eastern US continue to struggle with severe snow storm and extreme cold.

“As this winter storm unfolds, bringing heavy snow and high winds to many parts of the state, I strongly urge all New Yorkers to exercise caution, avoid travel and stay indoors,” said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The first severe winter storm of 2014 is expected to affect 20 US states and more than 120 million people.

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PressTV – Ex- Drone Operator Decries US Lies About Civilian Deaths – 2 January 2014

presstvA former US drone operator has criticized US and British politicians and military officials for delivering false and misleading statistics about civilian deaths in the US-led drone war worldwide.

In an op-ed published by The Guardian on Sunday, Heather Linebaugh slammed the US and British militaries’ drone war in some Muslim countries by raising a number of questions and indicating how difficult it is for drone operators to distinguish militants from civilians.
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PressTV – EU Considering Sanctions On US Over Spying – 29 October 2013

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The European Union is considering a possible imposition of sanctions on the United States as a response to Washington’s massive spying activities on its closest European allies.

German officials said Monday that the EU is considering suspending a data-sharing agreement between the EU and the US.

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PressTV – Obama Calls Russian President ‘A Bored Kid’ – 10 August 2013

presstvUS President Barack Obama described his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin as “a bored kid in the back of the classroom,” amid high tensions between the two countries over a growing number of issues.

“I know the press likes to focus on body language, and he’s got that kind of slouch, looking like the bored kid in the back of the classroom,” Obama said at a White House news conference on Friday.

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