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Ben Fulford – BREAKING NEWS – The Feds Have Sued For Peace And Detailed Settlement Negotiations Have Begun – 9 January 2012

Lucas: “This news of Ben Fulford is wonderful. It seems all factions are round  the table now to talk an agreement for a new financial system. Ben Fulford apologizes for him calling the Conscious Media Network announcement Psy-Ops. This is also great then that means things are coming together now and a solution for the better of all man kind and Earth can be brought to light.”

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Ben Fulford – Short Update – 4 January 2012

Reader:  Why did you not mention the big announcement of the new financial system? Hi Ben, I was very surprised to see that you didn’t mention the big announcement of the new financial system in your last newsletter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDzB42QKtdE&feature=youtu.be Would you be so kind as to let me know why you have chosen to not communicate this major news? It’s very good news, I think, and it validates what you’ve been saying all this time. Please advise. Thanks Ben, and much love, respect, and appreciation to you for all you have done. Happy 2012!

Ben Fulford : Hello, The Conscious Media Network announcement was a psy-ops put out by the old world order fascists. It is not real. That is why I did not mention it. The war over the future direction of our species and planet is unfortunately not yet over.

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