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Visionkeeper – Put Out The Welcome Mat…- 23 August 2013

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Okay. Are we ready now to put our energies into meeting our extended family? We talk about disclosure and all but have we really concentrated on communicating with them and welcoming them here? I would think they would be a lot more eager to land if they felt our loving energies towards them. Perhaps we need a day of celebrating as a whole to welcome them here, then they could really feel our intentions. I would find it hard to think anyone doesn’t believe they are out there waiting to visit us, but maybe there is. It seems unfathomable that we could possibly still think we are all there is in the universe! That old brain washing sure did its thing I guess. I think we are getting help from higher sources at all times on this journey we are on. If you have done your homework and researched the Fukushima disaster you are well aware that the problems are not only urgent and extremely critical, you must also know America has been hammered with radiation since it began. High levels were being captured by the machines until the Government decided to turn them all off and keep us in the dark. So I would think one would have to conclude that if we are not all dying from over exposure, the radiation must be dissipating by some means and we are being spared. Now who could be helping us out? Continue reading