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Queen Lizzie Has The Shits : As Kevin Annett And The ITCCS Drops A Letter To…- 2 March 2013

Queen Lizzie has the shits : As Kevin Annett and the ITCCS drops a Letter to Buckingham Palace saying she has got 25 years for Genocide : Messenger then arrested and detained for 3 hours : keep the pressure on these thugs.

Queen forced to cancel trip to Swansea after being struck down with suspected gastroenteritis

The Queen has been forced to cancel a planned visit to Wales after suffering from symptoms of gastroenteritis, Buckingham Palace said tonight.

She was due to attend a military celebration in Swansea tomorrow during the city’s St David’s Day celebrations.

A palace spokeswoman said the Queen will instead spend the weekend at Windsor and will be assessed in the coming days.

Her Majesty was due to travel through Swansea to the Guildhall where she would present St David’s Day leeks to the 3rd Battalion The Royal Welsh, of whom she is Colonel-in-Chief.

She was then invited to a reception with members of the battalion and their families, before proceeding to the George Hall for lunch.

A palace spokeswoman said: ‘The Queen will no longer visit Swansea tomorrow as she is experiencing symptoms of gastroenteritis.

‘She will be assessed in the coming days.

‘Her Majesty is currently spending the weekend at Windsor, as usual.’

The Queen presented a host of Olympic stars with honours during an investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace yesterday.

She and the Duke of Edinburgh are due to fly out to Rome for a two-day visit next week.

A palace spokesman said the Queen’s visit to Rome was still due to take place but a decision would be made after she is assessed in the coming days.

Meanwhile, Swansea Council said the ceremony would go ahead tomorrow as planned with the Lord Lieutenant of West Glamorgan, Byron Lewis.

A council spokesman said: ‘Due to minor illness, Her Majesty The Queen is unable to attend Saturday’s event.

‘The ceremony will continue as planned and will be carried out by the Lord Lieutenant of West Glamorgan, Mr Byron Lewis.

‘The Lord Lieutenant will be met upon arrival at the Guildhall by Brigadier Philip Napier, Colonel of the Regiment.

‘The parade will present arms for a royal salute and play the national anthem before the Lord Lieutenant is invited to present leeks to a representative body of the regiment.

‘Following the parade, the Lord Lieutenant will attend a reception with members of the battalion and their families, before proceeding to the George Hall for lunch.

‘The event will take place in and around the Brangwyn Hall and public viewing areas will be available.’

Gastroenteritis is an infection of the stomach and bowel, with common symptoms including vomiting, diarrhoea and dehydration.

In England, the two most common causes of gastroenteritis in adults are the norovirus and food poisoning, according to NHS Choices.

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Also in a twist of fate Kevin Annett got a letter to Buckingham Palace today suggesting she gets rid of the smell around her, She is in all kinds of puddles of pooh and time she threw the towel in.

Here is a comment today from Alfred Lambremont Webre,

Who you may wish to follow on his facebook blog site for more intel.

Alfred Lambremont Webre III UPDATE FROM KEVIN ANNETT: “The Court Orders have been mostly delivered – at Buckingham Palace the cops arrested the man delivering the Court Order for us and held him 3 hours. All the Canadian Churches are served and Prime Minister Stephen Harper will be served with the Court Order today.”

Wish them all luck



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