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Lisa Gawlas – Quickened Manifestation, Aware vs Awake, Jesus And Mary! – 27 June 2012

Have you noticed how fast you are manifesting these days??  For better or worse (depending on your thoughts and actions in life) we have been pretty much handed the mantle of creation with very little buffering in the (perceived) timeline!!

I noticed really for the first time a couple of days ago when I was refilling the hummingbird feeder.  I have about 10 very thirsty hummers that feed at my two (really cheap) feeders I have hung out for them.  When I went to wash one of the feeders a little bit of the nectar was at the bottom and spilled onto my hand, it was flipping hot!  Of course these days have been consistently in the mid to upper 90′s so their food is cooking out there.  One of the feeders was just imploding in on itself… I have never seen plastic do that before! Continue reading