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Radio Ann – The Council Of Twelve – 12 November 2011

Hello, Ann. This is the Council of Twelve. We are here today to say, “well done!” You have traveled through the portal, and now you are a different being than the one you were yesterday. We can see that you do not see yourself as different, that’s because you’re just you. From your perspective, nothing has changed because you simply inhabit your own consciousness. Does that make sense? This is your new normal, which by definition doesn’t feel abnormal. You don’t see your own growth. But we do. We certainly do.  Continue reading

Radio Ann – Message To Me From the Galactic Federation of Light – 6 November 2011

11/5: Hello, this is the GFL (Galactic Federation of Light) communication centre. We are here in support of your ground mission. We are mission control. You are a member of the away team. You are wondering how it is that you live two lives. You live more than two lives. You live many, many simultaneous existences. You are a multi-dimensional being who carries on many simultaneous lives. Continue reading

Radio Ann – The Council Of Twelve and Galactic Federation Of Light Communication Team – 6 November 2011

There are many different constellations or groups of beings who work on project Ascended Earth. The ascended masters, also known as the Spiritual Hierarchy, coordinates its efforts with the Galactic Federation of Light. We all coordinate with the angelic kingdom and with many other beings of light and love who work more or less as independent contractors, to use an Earth construct. All of us work under the specific guidance of the lords of your universe, who work under the specific guidance of the Creator. In other words, there is nothing random about the way things are progressing in your world and in the world within each person.  Continue reading

Radio Ann – 31 October 2011- The Council of Twelve – Trick or treat!

Hello. This is the Council of Twelve. We are here to say that Halloween is a wonderful day! The veils are thin. Can you feel the presence of unseen friends? We are here. That’s friends, by the way. Not fiends!

We think Halloween customs are great fun, especially the zombie and ghost costumes. The ones filled with gore and fake blood are particularly amusing. This is because death is not scary, it’s fun! You’ll all have a great time with your transition – when the time comes – and for now, it’s good to make fun of the illusion of death.  Continue reading

Radio Ann – The Council of Twelve – Pop a cork! – 30 October 2011

[Council, what is the best way to prepare for 11/11?]

There is no one way. There are as many ways as there are people. Everyone has to work out their ascension for themselves. It’s a highly individual matter. Isn’t that the glory of creation? How much diversity there is in the whole? Humanity is one entity, and yet, it contains billions of individualized sparks of consciousness, all expressing themselves in their own way. It’s truly magnificent. We wish you could see the light show that’s available from this perspective. And of course you do, when you are in other states of being.  Continue reading

Radio Ann – The Council of Twelve – Chop Wood, Carry Water – 27 October 2011

The Council of Twelve via Radio Ann: Chop wood, carry water.

[Hello, Council. Many light workers—well, let’s just say people—don’t have mystical dreams, unusual sensations, visions, etc. Nothing at all out of the usual 3D experience. What comment do you have for people who are sincere seekers, who reach up with their prayers and good intentions all the time but operate on faith alone?] Continue reading

Radio Ann – The Council of Twelve – Become A Peace Factory

The Council of Twelve via Radio Ann: Become a peace factory.

The time is very close indeed that a sea change will occur in the mass consciousness. Prepare yourselves, ground yourselves, and be ready for all manner of changes. Some will be most welcome, some may cause consternation. Take each day as it comes and don’t worry about the future, which is an illusion. There is never anything but the present moment. And each of you is capable of handling the present moment.  Continue reading

Radio Ann : The Council of Twelve to me – 20 October 2011

The Council of Twelve to me on Oct. 20, 2011 by Radio Ann:

We are the Council of Twelve. We see that you are in a better place today, and we would like to comment on that. Many lightworkers are experiencing mood swings; periods of feeling connected and disconnected. This is to be expected. There is so much going on in the inner planes that the manifestation in your physical reality is something like a bumper car ride at the amusement park-only it’s not always entirely amusing.

No one said the transition to a higher plane of consciousness would be completely smooth and without difficulty. The changes that are underway are monumental. There is no denying that for some people on some days, ascension seems like a distant dream, or worse, like some sort of scam. We can assure you that your cadre of fellow aspirants experience all sorts of things, and this is natural.

Not every aspect of life will change upon ascending; you will still have good days and bad days. But your bad days will be as good as your good days used to be, if you follow. The entire human family is getting an upgrade. But all is relative. You’ll soon be used to a new paradigm in which a bad day may be a slight lowering of vibration and not a complete breakdown of emotion, relationships, finances, motor vehicles, etc. Do you understand?

Your new reality is already underway. When you feel a bit out of sorts, a bit disconnected, perhaps doubting the entire construct of ascension, just breathe it out. Let doubt blow through you like you’re a chain link fence. Soon you’ll all be used to the new world. The bumps and bruises of birthing this new reality will be like a child who falls and scrapes a knee – nothing to get excited about, no big reason for concern, and certainly no need for drama. Just live each day with gratitude and love. A year from now, you’ll look back and see how far humanity has come. We are so full of . . . we don’t even have a word for how we feel. We’re just full. We love you. Stay strong and carry on. The Council.

Radio Ann- The Council of Twelve – On Money- 14 October 2011

The Council of Twelve by Radio Ann
We are trying to assist the lightworkers in understanding that they can have the life they wish to have. Money is not difficult to manifest. The belief that money is difficult to manifest is a much more intractable problem. What you believe, you receive. It’s as simple as that.

We are aware that there is a false equivalence between poverty and righteousness. Monetary wealth and spiritual wealth are by no means mutually exclusive. A correct alignment with money is what manifests money.

So what is money? Money is energy. Money is energy that must flow and circulate. Picture money flowing to you and outward, creating a whirlwind of endless flow. It comes in, it goes out. But if you wish, picture a little less flowing out, then you begin to see an accumulation of funds that used properly, will be of benefit to all.

You don’t really own money. You don’t really own anything. Not even your own body, as you will discover one fine day. But energy exists in abundance and you can use all you wish, all that you are capable of handling. With regard to debt and lack, we say this: It’s all under your control. You create your conditions; mentally, emotionally, spiritually. If you don’t like what you see, if you need more than you have, then make adjustments. Need less, get more.

Whatever the case may be, you have the creative ability to find solutions to every problem you have. If you did not, you would not be human. You would not be a lightworker. If you are a lightworker, if you are human, then you have all you need, ipso facto. You may not be manifesting in the way you would like, but that’s not because you don’t have the capacity. It’s because you have not realized your capacity.

In any case, start small if you need to. Isn’t there one small thing you can do today to wrangle the energy of money more efficiently? Some small debt to repay? Some small change to invest or save? A piggy bank? Something! Sit quietly and reflect on money. Do you secretly distrust it? Or distrust people who have it? Do you think you don’t deserve it, way down deep? If there’s any belief in between you and money, you can eliminate the obstacle. Ask for our help with this. Council, please remove the obstacles between me and money. And then bless every bit of it you have, may have, will have, will spend. See yourselves as facilitators of the flow. That’s what money is, a flow of energy. Breathe in the idea, breathe it out. Make friends with money. Used properly, it’s a blessed thing and creating a good relationship with it is your right. Namaste. The Council.

Radio Ann – Council of Twelve – 13 October 2011

Channeler: Radio Ann
We are the Council of Twelve, and we are here in support of your path to ascension and spiritual growth. Please take time today to feel the energies that are flowing in a beautiful stream to the hearts of all humanity. Many will be aware of this, many more will not. We are here to tell you that despite the evident turmoil on the surface of your world, there is much afoot behind the scenes. There is much that cannot be measured by your physical instruments, which leads many to the erroneous conclusion that the world consists of that which can be perceived by so-called normal means.
The world is heaven on Earth for those who have the capacity to love. The world is hell on Earth for those who do not. The world is a mixed bag for those on the cusp. There are as many versions of Earth as there are beings upon and around it. Reality is fluid, which makes it hard to grasp, quantify, wrangle, come to terms with, etc. etc. Your reality shifts moment to moment. Good news brings you heaven, bad news plunges you into hell. This is the reality for those who think their happiness depends upon external circumstances. For those who take responsibility for their own happiness, the world is a playground. Okay, sometimes you may fall and scrape a knee, but you’re still on the playground. So play! We want you to enjoy yourselves.

We know you have problems. Problems are your gifts, even though you may want to exchange them! Problems make you strong. Problems make you compassionate. Problems are a game if you’re courageous enough to see them that way. You can solve every problem you face, we guarantee it. Ask for our help. We will give you ideas, nudge you to the right place at the right time, introduce you to a person who has what you need.

Ask us! Council, I have a problem, please help. And we will. A bright idea, a strange coincidence, a lucky break – that’s us in action. Those things are your angels, helpers, counselors, control room crew. We are here for you today and every day. We love you so much. Don’t let your worries block us out. Clear your minds and breathe us in. You’ll hear us in your mind’s ear, and if you think you came up with a bright idea, that’s fine with us. We just want you to solve your problems, knock them down like bowling pins, and gain confidence every day in  your ability to handle life.

World peace consists of every one of you gaining confidence in your own ability to create happiness, confront and solve problems, and be big enough to lend a hand to others. Sometimes we send YOU to be someone’s angel. But if you’re low and depressed, you’re not available for assistance. We need our ground crew. That’s you, dear ones. Let’s create a loop of helpful energy. We’ll help you, you can help others. Deal? Love and smooches, the Council.