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ActivistPost – Rady Ananda – Make A 55-Gallon Compost Tumbler Fast, Cheap And Easy – 7 April 2014

Logo_activistpost-comGood for the environment, composting may be the single most important supplement added to your garden soil. Compost is nutrient-rich humus that fuels plant growth, suppresses disease, and revitalizes depleted soils, all while recycling your kitchen scraps. Done right, it can boost your garden productivity, saving you hundreds of dollars in fresh, organic produce costs.

Rather than spend a few hundred dollars on a compost tumbler, below are step-by-step plans for making your own.

“Nice project if you can get 55-gallon barrels for cheap; look for them at local garden supply shops for ‘food grade’ barrels,” comments ReThink Survival. This is contrary to some of the suggestions below, but makes sense, and you can find food grade drums for cheap on eBay.

Read the rest of the story at: www.activistpost.com / link to original article

Rady Ananda – NSAssociate Google’Censors CLG On Fukushima Radiation – 9 December 2013

Logo_activistpost-comGoogle has been censoring news link emails from Citizens for Legitimate Government, despite repeated attempts by Gmail users to declare those emails “not spam.” The latest email to be censored was sent on Dec. 7, and links to mainstream news sources warning of Fukushima radiation.

Earlier this month, CLG emailed its list seeking legal counsel for the censorship.

CLG’s Breaking News page is updated daily: http://www.legitgov.org/#breaking_news Continue reading

ActivistPost – Rady Ananda – Monsanto Behind Journal’s Retraction Of GMO Rat-Cancer Link – 1 December 2013

Logo_activistpost-comAfter a 2012 study linking cancer with Monsanto’s genetically modified corn, the scientific journal that published the study is now retracting it, after hiring a former Monsanto employee to fill a new editorial position reviewing biotechnology papers.

In September 2012, the scientific journal, Food and Chemical Toxicology(FCT), published the study of Gilles-Eric Séralini, et al. which reviewed the toxicological effects of Monsanto’s NK603, and its requisite Round-Up pesticide. Continue reading

ActivistPost – Rady Ananda – IPCC Warns Policymakers Not To Stop ‘Solar’Radiation Management – 6 November 2013

(Lucas: now it becomes clearly shown what excuse they use for their spraying of chemtrails and other geo engineering and weather modification for your so-called benefit. If you still not know that the climate warming issue was falsely instigated as a problem that is also kept as problem by the fraudulent IPCC panel that has ignored the thousands of scientists that have said it is not climate warming but they need an excuse to kill you by their own out of hand geo engineering and weather modification for their ultimate puppet masters goals the finishing up of most populus on the planet and the controlling of it all for the benefit of a few . See also agenda 21 as one of the scenarios they play out to get there. Just get awake.)

The Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns that, despite global side effects and long-term consequences, geoengineering techniques involving solar radiation management (SRM) should be maintained: Continue reading