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Ben Swann – VIDEO: Obama Attempts To Marginalize Bundy Ranch Standoff, Rand Paul, And Domestic Spying – 5 May 2014

Washington, May 5, 2014- On the evening of Saturday, May 3, at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, President Obama finally broke his silence about the Bundy Ranch situation and Cliven Bundy. Obama took the opportunity to make light of one of the most serious domestic events in recent U.S. history in front of his fellow elites. After cracking a few jokes, he turned the attention to Rand Paul and Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy.

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Alex Jones – Frustrated Paul Supporters Sound Off On Romney Endorsement – 9 June 2012

Lucas : The wedge is driven in because of Rand Paul endorsing Mitt Romney. You can see how the media are playing the voters. See the videos below. Will Ron use his voters to challenge Mitt Romney?  Yes, that is the question.

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Ethan E. Huff – NaturalNews – Congress Votes Down Senator Durbin’s Anti-Supplement Amendment, As Well As Senator Paul’s Freedom Of Health Speech Amendment – 26 May 2012

(NaturalNews) A sneaky, eleventh-hour attempt by Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) to essentially shut down the supplement industry alongside an amendment pertaining to prescription drug user fees has failed. In a vote of 77-20, the U.S. Senate voted to table Amendment No. 2127, which would have created “duplicative, unnecessary, and unexpected new regulations” for the supplement industry that could have resulted in many common supplements being pulled from store shelves. Continue reading