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John Ward – All Quiet On The Western Front: Glum In Britain, Frightened In Germany, Reactionary In The States, All Quiet on the Western Front: Glum in Britain, frightened in Germany, Reactionary In The States, Content In South Africa – 7 May 2014

ScreenHunter_35 May. 07 13.19This shot was taken in the House of Commons about twenty minutes ago (12.04 pm BST). If one had a suspicious nature, one might be forgiven for thinking that things are not quite as rosey as we’re being led to believe. Clockwise from the left, these chaps are responsible for the Realm, the Tory Manifesto, Defence and the Money. Defence Minister Philip Hammond, however, does – I’m sure you’ll agree – have a rather fetching arrowhead grip in his hair….about which I think we should be told more. Continue reading